10 care tips for white shirts, so practical!

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What about yellowing white shirts? It should be a worry for most people, right?

Today, I have put together a few white shirt care tips for you, let’s look at how to deal with such problems as the yellowing of white shirts.

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Before we begin, the first thing we need to be clear about is exactly why our white shirts are yellowing.

Common causes of yellowing of white shirts are as follows.

  1. sweat, oil stains and other residue on the white shirt for a long time not cleaned resulting in yellowing.
  2. White shirts worn for a long time, or too many times of washing, resulting in white shirts originally came with whitening agent faded and yellowing.
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What about small areas of yellowing?

For example, the collar, sleeves at the yellowing, although the area is not large, I think everyone loves to wear a white shirt, can not tolerate their white shirt has the slightest stain it.

After all, white shirts, but also to maintain a consistently clean and dignified sense of clean.

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When a white shirt has a small area of yellowing, try this little trick below!

Small area de-yellowing steps

Step 1: slightly moisten the yellowing part of the white shirt with water

Step 2: Prepare white vinegar, salt, brush (you can use a toothbrush instead), and a basin of water (cold water or warm water, not more than 40 degrees)

Step 3: Pour the appropriate amount of white vinegar on the yellowing area

Step 4: Sprinkle salt on the yellowing area

Step 5: Use a brush to gently brush the yellowing area covered with white vinegar and salt

Step 6: Finally, dip the yellowed part of the white shirt into the water and rub it while wetting it.

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What should I do if I have a large yellowing area?

Compared to a small area of yellowing, white shirts of large areas of yellowing are more people scratch their heads. The large area of yellowing, often because of wearing too long, or too many times of washing caused.

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So, especially for those of you who have a white shirt complex, it is actually not unusual for white shirts to be yellowed extensively.

If the white shirt that you wear and take off many times is yellow, do not rush to put it aside or throw it away.

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White shirts with large areas of yellowing can still be saved, and the following steps are recommended to take good notes!

Large area removal yellow steps

Step 1: Prepare a basin of rice water and an appropriate amount of baking soda

Step 2: Soak the yellowed white shirt completely in the rice water and add baking soda, soak for one night (more than 5 hours)

Step 3: After soaking, add the right amount of laundry detergent to the rice water and rub it repeatedly with your hands

Step 4: Knead the white shirt into the washing machine to start the regular washing process (do not mix with other clothes)

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Although the white shirt can be saved whether it is a small area of yellowing or a large area of yellowing.
However, we can actually make some changes in our daily wearing habits. Every time you put it on, be a little more cautious. Then, the life of the white shirt can be extended indefinitely.

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How to avoid yellowing of white shirts? Here are some tips that you can learn from.

  1. It is recommended that you hand wash white shirts, if you really do not have time to hand wash, choose machine wash then try to put the white shirt into the laundry net bag for washing.
  2. Do not use alkaline laundry detergent / washing powder, neutral detergent is the best choice.
  3. After washing the white shirt should not be exposed to the sun, put in a cool and dry place to let the white shirt dry naturally.
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Dressing up is not an easy task, in addition to putting more thought into matching, we also need to take extra care of each piece of our clothes.

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Only then, when wearing each set of clothes, you can let the good texture of the clothes reflect your taste and add points to your image.

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