Retail | 6 tricks to get customers to walk into the fitting room voluntarily, quickly improve the turnover rate of 200%!

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The closing rate of customers after trying it on is generally 40%-65%, which means that roughly 1 out of every 2 customers who try it on will buy it. Therefore, encouraging a try-on is one of the most important aspects of a shopping guide to approaching customers.

According to incomplete statistics, different positioning, different brands of clothing, the rate of trying on in the store is about 18%-30%, if it does not reach such a standard, it is necessary to make more efforts in encouraging trying on.

How can we get customers to take the initiative to try it on?

Here are 6 methods, each and interlocking missing, what are specific to see it!

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1、Don’t stick to the customer and blur the sales proposition

When the customer enters, do not immediately go forward to introduce, give the customer free space to browse. Wait until the customer takes the initiative to ask, our small purpose will be achieved.
In the customer shopping, you have to secretly observe her consumption level, body type, age, temperament, suitable for wearing which clothes, especially to pay attention to the problem of broken size, not suitable for her size do not haphazardly introduce, so as not to make a mistake.

2, Careful observation, accurately seize the time to sell

In clothing store sales, seizing the time to approach customers is very important, too early to approach, customers will have a defensive mind, too late to approach, and let customers feel “poor service.
As long as the customer in the visit when showing curiosity, want to understand the intention, the shopper should confidently intervene to introduce the goods for the customer, because this will allow customers to have a more intuitive and better understanding of the goods, will not cause rejection.

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3, The details of the introduction, to capture the characteristics of goods

From the design point of view, garments are divided into external and internal designs. Since there is not much variability in the external design, the main difference of the garment is usually shown in the internal design.
So it is important to go more into the detailed parts of the goods, such as embroidery, buttons, cut stitches, decorative accessories, etc. At the same time, we should pay attention to the corresponding body language. For example, if you want to introduce embroidery on a piece of clothing, you can reach out and point to the embroidery, which is more likely to impress customers.

4、Visual sizing, instant and accurate service

At the end of the clothing industry, clothing stores work across three months of shopping guide, if you can not do “visual yardage”, it is considered very dereliction of duty, because this is the most basic requirements of professional shopping guide.
Before customers ask to try on clothes to confirm in advance the customer yardage so that when customers put forward the demand for fitting, the first time to provide customers with the appropriate service.

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5、Unpacking clothes in advance to improve service experience

Before the guests try on, quickly help guests to unzip, untie the mouth, loosen the laces, and so on, this action, will make customers psychologically have a good service experience, improve customer enthusiasm for trying on clothes, to know that with the non-discounted service, there is no discount price.

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6、Attentive waiting service to improve the turnover rate

Before customers use, the guide must be thoughtful to tell customers: “I’m right at the door, what is not suitable for the yardage, any time call me, I help you exchange”. In many cases, customers will be because of the trouble of trying on clothes back and forth, choose to walk away, the guide to do so to avoid the customer try on digital discrepancies, the trouble of trying on clothes back and forth, but also to improve the customer buy clothes turnover rate.


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