King Of The Jacket: Giorgio Armani

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When night falls, see how Giorgio Armani captures the romantic and serenity of the night.

“When you don’t know what to wear, wear Armani.”
This is not only a constant Hollywood famous saying, but it also reflects Mr. Giorgio Armani’s relentless pursuit of the classic.

King of Fashion: The Amazing Giorgio Armani

He is a figure who has had a rocky start in the fashion industry. From abandoning medicine to enlist in the army and becoming a retail clerk in a department store, Mr. Armani did not make his mark in the fashion industry until his mid-30s.

In his creation process, suits and jackets are the main items that he has always considered. The timeless padded suits and jackets are the fashion pattern made famous by Giorgio Armani.

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Known as the Father of the Jacket, Mr. Giorgio Armani made a transformative change to women’s suits. He designed a more feminine work attire for women, from cutting, collar design to fabric selection of men’s suits.

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In the 1980s, Giorgio Armani launched the Power Suit. This style broke down the boundaries between men and women and created gender-neutral suits. Mr. Armani’s extraordinary approach is a breakthrough during his time and progress in women’s fashion.

Giorgio Armani 1992/1993 Spring Ready-to-Wear

Simple with infinite possibility, wearing a Giorgio Armani suit and jacket exude importance and self-value. His clothes make women feel confident and appreciate their existence.

In addition to impeccable tailoring, Giorgio Armani designs women’s suits and jackets that pay more attention to what women really want. Little by little, light and soft suits have become both stylish and practical to wear.

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The autumn/winter collection has once again reinvented the classic. It maintains a precise and smooth line and incorporated more elegant but casual details. This design allows the wearer to be comfortable with himself.

Giorgio Armani | A review of the show’s highlights

Profile Coat

Compared with the classic power suit, this autumn/winter collection launches long coats. They enhance the waistline to highlight the perfect head and body proportion. Aside from such features, it makes the body look slender and tall with an umbrella hem.

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Mr. Armani has retained the original classic style to some extent. The short jacket, for example, still features a tapered waist with just the right sharp shoulder pads. It shows off the perfect figure with a wide shoulder and narrow waist features.

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Elegant Velvet

Black velvet is of fine and elegant details. This is due to the nature of the fabric material, which reflects the glow of the fabric. It perfectly produces a soft feel because of the short, dense pile. The luxurious texture is unique to velvet.

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Women wearing velvet renders graceful figure. On men, velvet jackets show a more calm character. The loose version of the neat fabric matches the cut. It is a perfect choice for autumn and winter clothing—the rich colors give a gentleman a melancholic vibe.

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Beautiful Colors

This season, autumn/winter shows continue the perfect color fusion of previous Giorgio Armani designs. The deep blue and black ensemble spells female power. In addition to the suits giving a feminine toughness aura, —Giorgio Armani’s elegant jackets are pure classic.

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Alternatively, natural colors are also present for a more relaxed and fashionable statement. Ash and the color of the water are quiet and elegant. On the other hand, turquoise and light pink are fresh and bright. This new chapter set a new characteristic of the unique lady’s charm.

The Design of the Season

The asymmetrical buttons, front embellishment, and two clothing pieces of the jacket all add a new sense of flow to the dress. It instantly makes the plain design emanate a dreamy and charming light.

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The asymmetrical design that runs through the whole season creates balance. The unique characteristic, without any redundant adornments, gives the dress a strong visual effect.

Abstract Print

Irregular linear printing and abstract petals, when combined, show the “rigid and soft” details. It vividly highlights the sense of clothing volume but also creates a strong artistic flair..

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Giorgio Armani/Show details

Lightweight Gauze Fabric

Light tulle is one of the most common fabrics on Giorgio Armani’s runway show. However, for this season, they were no longer flowing but have transformed into a more versatile look.
Elegant yet vibrant, this autumn/winter collection is at its essence. Tulle fabrics, embellished and curled, are not only Mr. Armani’s new approach to fashion but also a take on the past.

giorgio armani 44
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Whether it is a spiral line or the advanced color fusion, with gradual change of pleated grain combination, the surge and mixture of all details express the delicate and exquisite design of this season. The collection is a new romantic concept under the influence of fast-changing times.

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Crystal Pendant

If you look closely at this season’s collection, you will notice crystal embellishments. They subtly adorn several models. The design is not overbearing but still undoubtedly, the center of attraction.

The combination of crystal, sequins and noble fabrics perfectly neutralizes Giorgio Armani’s strong business atmosphere. It likewise gives the overall shape an invisible and balanced beauty.

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The crystal designs are not exaggerated and flashy. In addition, done meticulously and added creatively, they offer harmony by complementing each garment.

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Colorful Bags

In the same way, the geometric shape of the bag is not an overstatement. The color and patterns may be fancy, but it creates an infinite possibility. Indeed, these bags play a major role this season.

The bags from Giorgio Armani’s autumn/winter collection this season are brighter than the slightly more elegant and solemn clothes.

giorgio armani 61
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The consistency in color adds a mysterious vibe. This season illustrates a different level—business and pleasure in perfect harmony. Finally, this only provides a new degree in fashion heights.

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Giorgio Armani/Show Space

Accordingly, due to the outbreak, Mr. Armani canceled the traditional show format. In fact, he did not invite any guests to the runway. They will continue presenting the autumn/winter season 2021 collection via a live webcast.

giorgio armani 69

The giant white logo of Giorgio Armani printed in the center of the show and the square stage in the pure black background bring out the best in each other. At the same time, it matches the dark space of the show, giving the whole show a sense of modern mystery.

Standing in the center of the stage is a green gorilla named Uri, a reproduction of an original gorilla by artist Marcantonio Malerba.
Uri, which means “my fire, my light,” is not only an expression of Mr. Armani’s love of animals and nature but also his strong environmental awareness. This feature creates an oasis of contrast in Milan’s bright surroundings.

At the end of the show, Mr. Armani took a photo with Uri. The green orangutan, at the center of the show, exists to call attention to nature as well as to fashion.

What Mr. Armani has always done is to capture time and uphold it. At the same time, he has also displayed the cross-era fashion proposition under his design and guidance. Indeed, his designs blossoms over time.


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