What to wear in the down jacket? This 5 innerwear let you look both fashionable and thin!

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Nowadays, there are many different styles of down jackets.
The down jacket is now available in a wide range of styles and has long since abandoned the image of bloated and old-fashioned.
It has become more practical and accentuates the body and temperament.
As long as you choose the right style and innerwear, in addition to reducing the bloated feeling
The right style and inner-wear can not only reduce the bloated feeling but also can be casually matched with 100 sets of feelings.
In the winter season, it is definitely a great way to make you look good.

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Down jacket + sweater

Down jacket + sweater
Thick and very warm.
can also highlight their own style.
Note: Especially if you choose a hooded sweatshirt
The most important thing is that you can use it as a way to show your personality.
It is definitely the most fashionable operation this winter.

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Short, loose down jacket.
The feeling is “fashionable”.
Suggestions: Down jacket length control in the waistline up and down.
The length of the down jacket is below the waistline and can be managed by girls of 150-170cm in height.
With the sweater, plasticity is very strong.
The high waistline can also elongate the body shape.
Easily wear out long legs.

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With a round-neck sweater, it is also extra versatile.

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Bottom with leggings
The so-called “loose top and tight bottom” is formed.
The upper and lower silhouettes form a sharp contrast
The effect of thinness and sharpness can be achieved.
Note: choose high boots, which can modify the leg shape.
The sense of handsomeness is incomparable.

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Down jacket + knitted sweater

Simple, fresh, and dry.
It won’t look bulky in winter.
The soft knit will also protect you from the cold air.
Note: Choose the same color for the whole body.
The same color can bring out a sense of sophistication.

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Down jacket + white sweater.
Cool and handsome, simple and eye-catching.

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With wide-legged pants.
worn open, the waistline is obvious.
the distinction between dark and light colors.
Very good interpretation of less is more.

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Long down jacket + knit

Better warmth and stronger aura.

We just need to pay attention to the proportion of inner wear that

This can reduce the heavy feeling of a down jacket.

Suggestion: choose black, visually more thin.

Note: the same color system inside, can reduce the down jacket.

The heavy feeling of the bright color jewelry to do embellishment, and the overall look more light and fashionable.

The overall look is more light and fashionable.

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Choosing the silhouette version
can save girls with a slightly chubby figure.
There is a stronger sense of shape and more eye-catching.
Note: The down jacket embossing should be big enough and simple enough.
The white shoes are more energetic.

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Down jacket + dress

Down jacket + skirt

Keeping warm and aging at the same time.

The skirt can reduce the bloated feeling of the down jacket.

Note: The short down jacket has a sharp and sophisticated look.

The suggestion: choose the “short outside and long inside” method.

It is a great way to look tall, stylish, and fashionable.

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A long down jacket + skirt
can be salt or sweet, with French style.
Suggestion: choose the same color, show expensive and high class
Note: Choose a skirt and pants mix and match.
It is more soft and feminine.

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Choose black innerwear

In addition to a very elegant and feminine

It will also have a sense of style and chic.

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Down jacket + shirt

shirt + turtleneck.

Layered to enhance the layered look.

Layer the down jacket outside to keep warm and stylish.

Note: choosing a medium-high collar will make your neck look longer.

It will also weaken the formality of the shirt and add flexibility and beauty.

Suggestions: The shirt should be loose enough to wear outside.

At least larger than the knitwear version.

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Underwear with hip skirt/pipe pants
You can create a visual contrast with the swollen down jacket and
The effect is to make the body look petite.

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Down jacket + jacket + inner wear

Slim and layered at the same time.
Note: Bright colors, which can break the dullness of autumn and winter
make you look more cool and handsome.
Vibrant sense.

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Down jacket + suit + inner wear

The whole body is sharp and cool without losing temperature.

You can also create a good proportion.

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In the cold winter

Choose a down jacket that fits well

and brighter underwear.

In addition to being warm, comfortable, and fashionable.

It can also give us a sense of security and strength.

Let you in this winter warm and beautiful.

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