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Fumao Clothing is a professional and experienced customization activewear manufacturer, was founded in early 2013, mainly engaged in the design and development of all kinds of activewear, manufacturing, and processing, and OEM custom activewear customization one-stop solutions.



Our company provides high-quality activewear lines and other types of clothing at lower prices. The strong ties we have with several suppliers allow us to procure materials directly and at discounted prices. This direct cooperation and partnership afford us to offer our products and services at the best rate. Thus, creating a more profitable and productive relationship between our clients and us.

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You can provide us with the designs and specifications of your project. Whether it is for activewear collection or other clothing categories, our expert clothing manufacturers will immediately select the right fabric to create a sample. Once confirmed, we will give you a reasonable quote.



As a premier clothing manufacturer, we can produce large volumes of products immediately and at reasonable rates. These are the reasons big and small companies engage in our services and trust us to create their activewear and other clothing lines. We guarantee that with our strategic approach to time management, high productivity of our garment processing plants, and production capacities, we can fulfill every order on time.

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Our standard departure port is the Port of Shanghai. As a reliable clothing manufacturer, we can arrange worldwide shipping. A FOB contract will be issued if you have a preferred freight agency, while a CIF agreement will be provided for shipping the merchandise to your assigned destination. We also offer fair transportation rates via land, sea, and air.

Capable of Mass Producing A Variety of Activewear

Fumao Clothing mainly in all kinds of Activewear design, development, manufacturing and processing, OEM customization and other operation model. We are an experienced, mature technology, exquisite workmanship, product related resources broad professional activewear enterprise, with independent registered trademarks and a variety of utility model patents of activewear.

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❉5 Ways Activewear Manufacturers Make Fitness More Stylish

  1.     Religiously following a workout routine shows your dedication to pursuing a healthy mind and body. Exercising allows us moments of reflection and deep thinking as we develop the form and functions of our body. So, why not look great as we work out as well? We can also put some effort into wearing nice-looking workout garbs that are practical. So today, let’s talk about some things to look for and consider when choosing among what activewear manufacturers have to offer. 

        Choosing a fitness shirt is a crucial part of your workout. It can make or break your exercise session’s whole look and feel, and activewear manufacturers are well aware of this. You need to choose one that fits you well, looks good on you, and feels comfortable while working out. These have characteristics that are very different from regular clothes. Activewear manufacturers use materials like cotton, polyester, etc., so runners, exercisers, and sports players don’t get too hot while performing. The fabric used in these shirts must also allow sweat to evaporate easily. This will help keep you cool as well as dry. If it doesn’t do this, then you may end up with chills and heat stroke. So before buying any fitness shirt, always check its features first. Activewear manufacturers usually indicate the fabrics and technologies applied in making their clothes. 

        To help you further in your choice of activewear, here are factors that manufacturers follow in making them:

Choose fabrics wisely

  1.     Many types of fabrics are available in the market, but only a few are suitable for gym wear. Activewear manufacturers carefully study their characteristics to choose the best ones or combinations to use. Cotton is an excellent choice because it absorbs moisture quickly and dries fast. Polyester is another popular material for making sports clothing. However, if you want something more breathable than cotton, try using spandex. Spandex helps absorb perspiration better and keeps you cooler by allowing airflow through the garment. Activewear manufacturers also use polypropylene material in making clothes that wick or draw sweat away from your chest, back, and the rest of your skin. 

Look at the fit

  1.     Fit matters! When shopping for fitness apparel, pay attention to how snugly the item fits around your chest area. A loose-fitting top might seem attractive initially, but over time could cause irritation due to rubbing against your skin. Activewear manufacturers ensure that the body’s form is followed as naturally as possible. Also, avoid tops that cut off circulation to your arms and legs.

Check sizing

  1.     Make sure the size chart matches what you usually buy. Most activewear manufacturers provide sizes based on height, weight, and bust/chest. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds and measure 34 inches tall, you would order a medium. But if you were 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighed 160 pounds, you would probably go with large.

Consider color

  1.     Color plays a big role in determining whether a particular piece of clothing works for you. Some people prefer bright colors such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, white, black, gray, brown, tan, navy, olive drab, khaki, and even camouflage. Others enjoy darker shades like dark blues, greens, purples, blacks, grays, tans, and browns. Still, activewear manufacturers also understand that others love muted tones like cream, ivory, light pinks, yellows, oranges, and whites. Whatever suits you best, just remember that brighter colors tend to reflect sunlight better and thus increase your chances of overheating. Darker hues, however, absorb more sun rays and therefore reduce your risk of getting burned.

Think about style

  1.     Activewear manufacturers produce fitness attire in many shapes and styles. There are tank tops, short-sleeve T-shirts, long sleeves, vests, hoodies, sweatshirts, polos, tees, tanks, leggings, shorts, capris, yoga pants, running skirts, and more. Each type has its own unique benefits and drawbacks. Try them all out until you find which ones suit you best.

        Of course, you can be creative when selecting your activewear. Again, clothes for fitness and sports should be comfortable on the body, and you can easily get around in them. Your goal is to stay focused on your training or sport without being distracted by issues with clothing. Activewear manufacturers have a large variety of options available in materials and sizes, as well as styles. Choose the attire that makes you feel at your best to achieve top performance.  

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